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Hey! My name is Alexander, a web designer and the founder of this studio, I will develop a minimalistic website with the right user experience (UX) and a cool identity (logo, corporate identity). My approach is suitable for those who are planning to develop their business in a digital environment.

Web development and identity design






Website and logo development
Website development
Website development
Website development

UX / UI website design
— Meeting, discussing the structure of the business
— User Experience UX Research
— Development of the design of the first 3 blocks or the entire main page (edits or approval)
— Rendering the entire site in Figma (+ mobile version)
— Collecting a website prototype to demonstrate its work and work out scenarios of user behavior
— Site testing
— Transfer of the project to the developers

Website design rates::
  • Landing page (one page) starting at 150$
  • Online store or portal starting at 300$
  • Classic website business card starting at 250$
Website development (complex)
— Meeting, discussing the structure of the business
— User Experience Research UX
— Developing of the design of the first 3 blocks or the entire main page (edits or approval)
— Rendering the entire site in Figma (+ mobile version)
— Collecting a website prototype to demonstrate its work and work out scenarios of user behavior
— Layout of the approved design in Tilda
— Animation of some elements as needed
— Layout of the adaptive version for screens: mobile, tablets, computers
— Site testing
— Basic SEO setup and optimization
— Transfering the project with the manual

Development rates:
  • Landing page (one-page) starting at 400$
  • Online store starting at 600$
  • Website (portal / blog) starting at 500$
  • Website redesign starting at 400$
Identity (logo, corporate identity)
— Meeting to discuss your project, collecting wishes
— Market research (competitors, clients) according to all criteria
— Concept development, documented TK (title, naming, colors, elements, animation, application methods)
— Development of options from 3 options
— After approval of one, preparation of all source files (svg, ai, png, psd, jpg, pdf)
— Presentation of a logo with instructions for using elements, colors, fonts

The identity service has a complex package: naming, slogan, logo, fonts, colors, methods of application, rules of use, corporate identity (design of printed and souvenir products), brand book (rules of internal use for the company)

Development rates:
  • Logo starting at 150$
  • Logo quickly (one cool option, in 48 hours) 50$
  • Identity development starting at 300$
Package design
— Meeting to discuss the product
— Market research (competitors, clients) according to all criteria
— Development of 2-3 design options with a demonstration
— We prepare the agreed version for production
— We present the project and provide the source files in all required formats

Development rate:
  • Label starting at 30$ pcs.
  • Complex packaging starting at 150$ pcs.

I am Alexander, founder of the studio

I will be useful to those who want to develop their business in the digital environment. I will personally do all the research for a good release of your product. Convenient and understandable site with trendy interface design. You will be found, recognized, understood, bought.
Your design will be unique and speaking to your consumer
I work with large organizations around the world and have extensive experience in this area
Always in touch with the client. I notify about important milestones in the project
I conduct research on user experience, help the product sell, the client understand

Founder Jarden.by
The development of a website for an online furniture store and the rebranding of the company studio "Brandroom" performed the service very professionally, we cooperate to this day in the development and promotion of the brand. Developing a modern design and convenient navigation for our visitors. We helped with SEO optimization of the site.
Founder and CEO bfood.by
Thanks to Alexander, the founder of the web studio "Brendrum". We urgently needed a new e-commerce website (online store) with a modern design and easy navigation for visitors of any age. The work was done quickly and efficiently, it's not strange, but we didn't even talk about edits, as it usually happens. The site was launched on the service tilda.cc to simplify the administration of our team without involving developers. A lot of attention was paid to SEO optimization for good indexing of our products. Thank you to the studio for the good work. We continue to cooperate.
Founder Azumics.com
Alexander is a professional. We developed a logo, identity and website design with the Brand Room studio, after which the developer transferred and optimized it on the CMS we needed.
Anton Vladimirovich
CEO and Founder Dot Space 84
We needed to develop an identity for the project. Studio "Brands" helped us with the design of the logo and laid out on the shelves the ways of applying the corporate identity. Our design was presented very coolly. An excellent approach to the client's business.
The head bonfood.by
Development of the project identity, development of a website for an online store. A very cool approach to business. An important part of cooperation is that you are always in touch. They conduct an analysis after the product launch, study user behavior on the site and make navigation adjustments for a better conversion. We have optimized the SEO so that we are without advertising for important queries on the first pages of Google and yandex.
Deputy Director for Organizational Issues zol.by
Our logistics company needed a fresh appearance and a redesign of the site. The Brandom web studio has developed a new identity and a new website to promote our services in the CIS and Europe. Our site is on the first lines of search engines and good traffic. Special thanks to Alexander for his professional approach to business.
Founder divid.by
Thank you very much to the Brand Room studio for the chic website design and SEO optimization. We needed a website design that corresponds to our projects and today's time. The design came out modern and cool. Alexander suggested that we launch a website on the service Tilda.cc and we were very satisfied. There was a quick launch and we still had the opportunity to independently administer our site.

My phone numberr:
+375 (29) 554-8194

My e-mail:

My location:
Belarus, Minsk

"Brandroom" web studio in Belarus
Belarus, Minsk